1200D No Fill Kiwi Bird Detachable

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One of our most favourite custom prints ever – New Zealand Birds! This no fill Canter for Cancer horse print rug is perfect for use as a windbreaker and in spring/autumn showers. Please keep in mind it is not designed for heavy, continuous rain. Breathable and lined at the mane and shoulders to prevent rubbing.

⭕️ Rug Specs

  • No fill
  • 1200 denier outer
  • Detachable neck with Velcro straps 
  • Double chest strap
  • Double belly straps
  • Double leg straps
  • 4'3" – 6'0"
  • Features kiwi, kākāpō, kea, tui, kererū and the takahē

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⭕️ Please note, no rug is ever 100% Waterproof. 
This is because rugs contain stitching, webbing & fastenings that can not always be tape seamed or heat-sealed to prevent water penetration. All our waterproof rugs are taped seams at stitching joints


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