The 2024 Child Cancer Auction Rules & FAQS

Thank you for all those who donated items and services to our annual auction for Child Cancer Foundation! Our auction starts 9am 10th June and finishes 7pm 14th June sharp, on our Facebook Page. Here is a bit about the auction and how it will be run:

Bidding In The Auction

The Child Cancer Foundation of NZ provides support to children and families on their cancer journey. The foundation focuses on the whānau, not the cancer, and to be able to provide families with the support they need they need to be constantly raising money. Last auction we managed to raise $35,000 worth of items and services to auction which is staggering! All proceeds from the auction go directly to the Child Cancer Foundation.

The spirit of bidding in this auction is not to 'get a deal' as such, but it is to buy an item knowing that the money is also a donation towards Child Cancer. So do not feel hampered by the 'value/RRP' stated on some auctions – if you want to bid over the value of the auction as your donation, please do, with our humble thanks!

How The Auction Is Run

  • The auction will be uploaded onto our Facebook Page early Monday morning the 10th June
  • The auction will officially open at 9am ready for bidding
  • Browse through our amazing range of auction items
  • Place bids by stating your $ amount as a comment on the auction of your choice(s)
  • Each bid must be higher than the last to be valid
  • We will be periodically checking auction items and stating the most recent, highest bid, or removing bids that are lower than the highest if they are made after
  • SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN ALL PHYSICAL ITEMS unless stated that they are for pick up in the auction description, so please carefully read the descriptions to check if it is pick up or delivery

What Happens Once The Auction Ends?

  • Our auction ends 7pm SHARP on Friday 14th June. Facebook time stamps comments. Any time stamp made after 7:00PM will be discarded, and the closest last bid to the 7:00PM time stamp is declared the winner
  • We will work our way through all the auctions and reply to the winner of each auction with simple instructions and notifying them of their win
  • IF YOU DECIDE YOU NO LONGER WANT THE ITEM please let us know immediately so we can offer it to the next person in the bidding – last auction we had a few no-shows and as this really isn't in the spirit of our auction, we humbly ask you to let us know – we are very understanding of changes in situations

I Won An Auction Item! What Now?

  • IMPORTANT: For all the information below, please use the name that you bid on with in the auction (ie your Facebook Account name) and use that name in the details below so we can match them up. Some people use pseudo names or fake names online, so contacting us via email and putting money in our account under your actual name is often confusing. So please use the name on the Facebook Account you bid with. Thank you!
  • If you won an auction item, we will require you to email with:
    1. Your winning auction number(s)
    2. The auction item name(s) you won
    3. Your name (and your Facebook Account name if different)
    4. Your shipping address if it is being shipped to you
    5. The full amount you bid from auction(s) you won
    6. Let us know if you have paid (using the details below)
  • Please make the auction number the SUBJECT of your email: ie AUCTION #39 so we can forward on your details to the individual or business who has donated your item. If you won multiple auctions, please note those in the subject line as well: ie AUCTION #39, #63 & #132
  • Your items are all being shipped to you free of charge, with humble thanks and gratitude to all the companies and individuals offering them up (excluding those auctions which state pick up only). Please give a thank you to your auction donor
  • Lastly, the BID you won the auction with needs to be cleared in this account before the item will be sent out to you with these details:
    • Account name: C4C Rugs Auction
    • Account number: 02-0412-0107445-025
    • CODE: Your First Name | PARTICULARS: Your Last Name | REFERENCE: Auction#[xxx]
  • If you have won more than one auction, and if it fits in the reference section of your banking, please write them out with commas ie Auction#[xx],[xx],[xx]. If it doesn't fit, then please just reference one auction number in your transaction above, but place the full amount for all auctions won in that one transaction and note that in your email to us
  • Once your donation amount and Auction # is compared to our spreadsheet, we will notify the donor of your item, and the item will be shipped to you from your donor (if applicable). Please be patient with shipping times, as they may not be able to get it out to you immediately.


    Thank you so much to everyone for your donations, bids and incredible support. We genuinely are so grateful for any item, large or small. If you'd like to find out more about the Child Cancer Foundation and how they spend the fundraised money, visit their website here: