The 2023 Child Cancer Annual Auction

We're looking for items and services to auction! Our auction starts 9am Monday 5th June and finishes Friday 9th June, 7pm sharp, on our Facebook Page. Here are the details.

What It's All About

The Child Cancer Foundation of NZ was hit particularly hard during the pandemic and since, which brought their fundraising efforts almost to a complete standstill. We are hoping to make this year's annual Canter for Cancer auction one of our biggest ones yet! All proceeds from the auction go directly to the Child Cancer Foundation. If you are able to donate an item or a service of any kind, no matter how big or small, we would be grateful!

View last year's auction here where we raised $35,000

How To Donate

  • Email us at with your auction item

What We Need

  1. The item/service name and description you are donating
  2. Your logo and business name if applicable
  3. Your social links and website
  4. Your contact details
  5. A photo of the item or service
  6. The item's RRP/value

The Auction

The auction starts 9am June 6th and ends June 13th at 7pm sharp.

The auction will run on our Facebook Page, which has over 12,500 organic followers. It will also be shared by the Child Cancer Foundation Facebook Page, which has over 26,000 organic followers, and the auction will be viewed by thousands. We advertise our auction via a mailer and also through paid social media advertising which we fund ourselves.

We find it is a great opportunity for business exposure as well as helping out a great cause. All proceeds of the auction goes to the Child Cancer Foundation. At the auction conclusion we will contact you with your winners' details. For those that require shipping, we humbly ask that you ship the items to the winners at your expense at the end of the auction.

Thank you so much for your consideration. We genuinely are so grateful for any item, large or small. If you'd like to find out more about the Child Cancer Foundation and how they spend the fundraised money, visit their website here: