Storm Blue Core Spun Canvas – Rug Only

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These summer combos are great as a lightweight and breathable sheet in the paddock or stable during the warm weather, or to keep your horse clean at shows. This rug has our famously roomy shoulders and neck to prevent rubbing.

⭕️ Rug Specs

  • Rug Only – no neck rug
  • Heavy duty chest strap
  • Double leg straps
  • Belly Straps
  • Core Spun Canvas (see below for description)
  • Generous shoulder gussets and tail flap
  • Storm Blue with Light Blue Trim
  • 4'3" – 6'0"
  • Treated to be showerproof only
  • Can be treated to withstand more water, read below for how to treat core spun canvas

We are very excited to be bringing in new core spun canvas rugs to our extensive range. Plenty of people find with traditional canvas rugs that they become too heavy and do not breathe very well. A core spun canvas gives you all of the benefits of having a canvas rug but takes away that concern! This is because the 100% cotton outer layer is made out of interwoven threads with very sturdy polyester middle cores. This allows for optimum breathability, but still ensures that it is as strong and robust as you would expect from traditional canvas. 

Please Note: These rugs are not recommended to be used as rain sheets or in wet weather as they are not totally waterproof. However, there are multiple ways in which they can easily be treated to get your desired result if you are requiring the ultimate waterproof canvas rug! They react very well to being waterproofed, as the cotton around the core of the threads will expand and offer more protection.