White Summer Canvas Combo (Pony)

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These summer combos are great as a lightweight and breathable sheet in the paddock or stable during the warm weather, or to keep your horse clean at shows. This rug has our famously roomy shoulders and neck to prevent rubbing.

⭕️ Rug Specs

  • Double leg straps
  • Double chest straps
  • Belly straps 
  • Combo
  • 450gsm/ 13oz Canvas
  • 52% cotton, 48% polyester 
  • White with black checks & trim
  • 3'3" – 3'9"

Polycotton waxed canvas The uniqueness of this fabric is that it has 52% Cotton and 48% Polyester which makes it tougher to rip but adds to comfort to skin because of cotton content. It has a lovely black checks. The cotton used is of very high quality combed glazed cotton (highest grade). The fabric is organically dyed in light sky blue to keep it from looking dirty faster. Wax coated for waterproofness, we would recommend this cover for light summer showers. Can be retreated.