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200g Doona
200g Doona
200g Doona

200g Doona

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The Canter for Cancer 200g stable doona was introduced to our range due to customer demand. This lovely rug has generous shoulder gussets and is perfect for stable use or to wear under other rugs.

⭕️Rug Specs

  • 200g fill
  • Double chest strap
  • Double belly straps
  • Double leg straps
  • Light grey with darker binding
  • 3'0" – 3'9"

.  .  .  .

⭕️Please note, no rug is ever 100% Waterproof. 
This is because rugs contain stitching, webbing & fastenings that can not always be tape seamed or heat-sealed to prevent water penetration. All our waterproof rugs are taped seams at stitching joints.

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