1680D 220g Burgundy Combo. 33in, 36in, 3.3 and 3.6.

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This Canter for Cancer rug is perfect for use in spring and autumn, or alternatively to provide a bit of extra warmth on cold winter nights. Breathable with 220g  fill for added warmth and generous necks and shoulders to prevent rubbing.

⭕️Rug Specs

  • 220g fill
  • 1680 denier outer
  • Combo
  • Double chest strap
  • Double belly straps
  • Double leg straps
  • 33" – 3'9"

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⭕️Please note, no rug is ever 100% Waterproof. 
This is because rugs contain stitching, webbing & fastenings that can not always be tape seamed or heat-sealed to prevent water penetration. All our waterproof rugs are taped seams at stitching joints