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Check out our C4C brushes! They are the perfect and essential addition to your grooming kit. In this kit, we've conveniently put together three brushes, a comb and a hoof pick! Kit is worth $34.47 if all bought separately, with this kit YOU SAVE $6.48! (That's a free hoof pick, or nearly a free brush!)


Mane and Tail Brush: Easily remove knots and dirt from your horses mane and tail with our Mane and Tail brush. It is made from durable plastic and has a contoured handle for comfort. 
Specs - L: 23cm, Handle: 11cm, Bristles: 2cm

Body Brush: Our body brush has soft synthetic bristles and a flexible base allowing it to cover every part of your horses body. Perfect for brushing away loose dirt, hair and dust! We have also added an adjustable strap for ease of use.
Specs -  L: 19cm, W: 10cm, Adjustable strap: 17cm, Bristles: 2.5cm

Hoofpick: This Hoofpick has a plastic handle, brush on the back and metal pick. Comes in assorted colours, one will be chosen at random unless specified.
Specs - L: 16cm, Handle: 11cm

Red and Navy Dandy Brush: The Red and Navy Dandy Brush is a longer brush with grips at the side to stop any slipping. The long red and navy blue bristles are sturdy enough for stubborn dirt patches. 
Specs - L: 20.5cm, W: 6cm, Bristles: 4.5cm  



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Great value for money!

Purchased this for a prize for one of our encouragement competitions and it is super value for money.