Oilskin Calf Cover

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It's becoming more and more well-known that calves require some kind of protection from the elements in their early days, and in the worst of bitter weather. We have a few types of calf coats in our range now, but this oilskin one should last you a few seasons if correctly stored between uses. See notes below.

• Oilskin outing
• Felt blend lining for added warmth
• Adjustable chest and tail strap
• Available in 2'3”-3'6”

• Before storing for the next season, allow these rugs to fully and thoroughly dry out in the sun. Then carefully stack or fold them up and store them in a fully dry space or air-sealed container to prohibit damp or mould forming. These small pre-storing steps might take a little time, but it will truly lengthen the life of these calf covers, making them much more economical in the long term.

Please note: Tail strap is lower than our original covers as per user comments, and the sizing is more generous. We listen to our customers, so if you have any feedback please let us know!