Antique Finish Snaffle Bit Leather Dog Collars

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C4C Leather dog collars. These are beautifully made and tough, antique finished iron fittings, snaffles are made from zinc and available in five different colours.

Colours: Black, light brown, dark brown, olive, blue

Sizes (Length/Width):

XS: L 32cm/W 2cm
S: L 41cm/W 2.5cm
M: L 51cm/W 3cm
L: L 61cm/W 3.5cm
XL: L 70cm/W 4.5cm
XXL: L 81cm/W 4.5cm


Sizes (Measurements to first/last hole)

XS:  F 6cm/ L 11cm
S:  F 6cm/ L 12cm
M: F 6.5cm/ L 15cm
L:  F 8cm/ L 18.5cm
XL: F 8.5cm/ L 19cm
XXL: F 8.5cm/ L 19cm

Note: The XS and S will fit your cat!

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