Dandy Brushes

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Check out our brand new C4C dandy brushes! We have two types available and are the perfect and essential addition to your grooming kit.  

Red Dandy Brush: Our Red Dandy Brush has long red and navy bristles which are a great stiffness to get rid of stubborn dirt.  The handle is a soft plastic allowing good grip.

Specs - L: 18cm, W: 6cm, Bristles: 5cm.  

Red and Navy Dandy Brush: The Red and Navy Dandy Brush is a longer brush with grips at the side to stop any slipping. The long red and navy blue bristles are sturdy enough for stubborn dirt patches, and the shape of the brush makes it easy to get brush off hard-to-reach places. 

Specs - L: 21cm, W: 6cm, Bristles: 4.5cm