1680D 300g Black Combo-Seconds

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Why is this item classed as a second? 

We have ended up with some rugs that are a slightly smaller cut than our normal combos. This occurred because I gave the wrong measurements to be be manufacturer, our loss your gain if you think you have something wrong to fit them.
Great for babies, TBs or finer built horses, also great for something that’s likely to grow out of their rug after a season. We would suggest you go up a size, particularly if you have a standard sized horse & certainly wouldn’t recommend these for chunky horses due to the cut of the shoulders being smaller than our famously generous shoulders. 

PLEASE NOTE: These rugs are available at a heavily reduced price, our loss, your gain. They DO NOT come with a warranty & cannot be exchanged should they not fit.

Should we have any left by Equifest/Hoy we will take them there. 

This is our top-selling winter rug! Our 1680 Denier range was designed for those requiring a slightly more robust outer shell. The same, generous fit as our other rugs, this 300g fill is perfect for use throughout winter. Breathable with generous neck and shoulders to prevent rubbing. 

⭕️ Rug Specs

  • 300g fill
  • 1680 denier outer
  • Combo
  • Double chest strap
  • Double belly straps
  • Double leg straps
  • Black with grey binding
  • 4'0" – 6'0"

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⭕️ Please note, no rug is ever 100% Waterproof. 
This is because rugs contain stitching, webbing & fastenings that can not always be tape seamed or heat-sealed to prevent water penetration. All our waterproof rugs are taped seams at stitching joints.