What's does tape sealed seams mean in horse rugs?

Sealing seams are an important part of horse rug construction, as they help to prevent water and moisture from seeping through the seams and into the rug. There are several different types of sealing seams that are commonly used in horse rugs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Taped seams are created by applying a waterproof tape to the seams of the rug. The tape is usually made of a waterproof material such as polyurethane or PVC, and it is heat-sealed to the fabric of the rug. Taped seams are very effective at preventing water from seeping through the seams.

Canter for Cancer rugs utilise the Taped Seams method. We would like to note that no rug is ever 100% Waterproof. This is because rugs contain stitching, webbing & fastenings that can not always be tape seamed or heat-sealed to prevent water penetration. All our waterproof rugs are taped seams at stitching joints.