Correctly fitting your rug


New Zealand sizing varies from Australian/UK sizing. Canter for Cancer rugs are measured in NZ sizing. Our miniature horse rugs are measured in both the NZ sizing of feet and also in inches for your convenience.
To measure your horse for a NZ rug, you need to measure from the horse's wither to tail in a straight line. Australian/UK sizing measures from the middle of the chest, along the horse's side and back to where the rug should end.
NOTE: The difference between an Australian/UK sized rug and a NZ sized rug is 1'3". For example, a NZ 5'6" cover is an Australian/UK size 6'9".

Correctly Fitting a Rug

We take pride in the fact that we receive a lot of positive feedback on the fit of our rugs and that they are suitable for a wide variety of horse shapes. However, it is important to be aware that not every rug will fit every horse perfectly. To ensure that your rug correctly fits your horse and will not rug or irritate them, you will need to select the right size and adjust the chest, surcingle and leg straps accordingly.
Chest straps should be fastened on the first or second hole, to prevent the rug from moving and causing irritation to the shoulder or withers

Leg straps should be looped between each other, not too loose that they hang down by the hock, but not too tight that they cause rubbing. A good guide is the ability to fit the width of your hand between the straps and the horse's leg

Clips on the leg straps should face inwards to prevent your horse getting caught on anything

Our rugs have generous necks and shoulders to prevent the common problem of shoulder and mane rub. To further prevent mane rub, brush your horse's mane to the correct side every few days when turned out. You can also wash the man area of the neck rug to prevent the build up of grime